Aeromexico Airlines Seat Assignment Policy

Aeromexico connects many places inside and outside of Mexico, giving travellers a lot of choices. They work hard to make the inside of the place comfortable, with good seating and a nice atmosphere. They allow their passengers to select their seats as per their preferences and convenience to mskr the inside of the plane welcoming. But there are some reasonable conditions applied to the seat selections, given below:

  1. When you book a flight on Aeromexico's official website, you can choose your seat for free within the first 24 hours after booking.
  2. After the 24 hours are over, there's a fee for seat selection.
  3. You can call on their customer service number, +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-237-6639, where you can book your ticket from one of their assistants, and ask them to reserve a preferred seat for you.
  4. You have the option to choose a seat any time after booking up to 2 hours before your flight. If you don't pick a seat, the airline will assign one for you.
  5. Sometimes, for safety reasons, the airline may assign a specific seat to you.
  6. If, for some reason, you paid for a preferred seat but are given a different one, you can ask for a refund. The airline will consider your request.

If you have any other query or confusion about Aeromexico Airlines seat assignment policy, you can call their customer service number, +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-237-6639, where you can ask them about any information related to your travel plans. 

Types Of Seats On Aeromexico 

Aeromexico Airlines caters to diverse passengers with different preferences, for which they offer a range of seating options. They have divided their seats into Business class, first class, basic economy, standard economy, and premium economy class. Relishing the luxury of Clase Premier (Business Class) or opting for preferred and emergency exit row seats, passengers have the flexibility to choose a seat that aligns with their travel needs under the Aeromexico Airlines seat assignment policy.

i.Business And First Class

Aeromexico's Business Class is known as 'Class Premier'. This special selection offers travellers a more luxurious and comfortable experience during their flight. Passengers in Class Premier enjoy access to a business class lounge, comfy seats, free Wi-Fi, and a great selection of food and drinks at the bar and buffet. It is designed for passengers seeking an added touch of luxury and comfort throughout their journey.

First Class on Aeromexico is a lot like Business Class, but it's only available on domestic flights. If you're travelling internationally, Business Class is the top-notch cabin for a more comfortable experience.

ii. Economy And Premium Economy Class

Aeromexico has three types of Economy classes: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The seats are mostly the same, but Premium Economy passengers have a bit more legroom (34 inches) compared to other Economy passengers (31 inches pitch). Meals and blankets are offered to both AM Plus and Basic Economy passengers.

The key difference is that Premium Economy gets the special SkyPriority service. This means you can board the flight faster, and your luggage will be handled more quickly. If there are delays or cancellations, Premium Economy passengers get priority assistance over others. SkyPriority makes the whole process smoother for you.

How to Select the Seats on Aeromexico Airlines?

Aeromexico allows you to select your seat under their Aeromexico Airlines seat assignment policy. There are two different ways by which you can select your seat on an Aeromexico flight. You can choose to get it done on the phone with the help of their customer service number or online through their official website. To know the step-by-step procedure of seat selection, read below:

Selecting an Aeromexico seat on the phone:

  • Call +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-237-6639.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions and follow the prompts attentively.
  • Once connected to the dedicated agent, explain your reason for calling.
  • Provide your booking credentials.
  • The agent will inform you of all the seats available for you.
  • Choose the seat as per your preference.
  • Pay the fee for your selected seat. 
  • Receive an email as a confirmation of your seat booked.

Selecting an Aeromexico seat on the website:

  • Search on your web browser.
  • Look for the 'You Trips' option on the homepage.
  • Then go to the 'Manage your trips' section.
  • Enter your booking details and your last name.
  • After entering your details, a page with your booking details will open. Click the 'seat selection' option.
  • The seat map will be open on the screen; select your seat from the available ones.
  • Follow the instructions and pay the fee for the selected seat. 
  • An email will be sent by the airline to you as a confirmation of your seat reservation.

Aeromexico Seat Assignment Price

According to Aeromexico Airlines' Seat assignment policy, you get a chance to pick your seat for free within 24 hours of booking. However, if this 24-hour window has passed, there's a fee for selecting your seats, and the amount can vary depending on your fare category. Business class passengers get seat assignments for free. If you wish to upgrade your seats, Aeromexico provides an option to bid on their official website. 

The charges for seat selection may differ based on how much time is left before your departure. For Mexico purchases, Aeromexico charges 349 MXN on domestic flights and 599 MXN on international flights. If you're buying your tickets from outside of Mexico, the fees are $20 for flights within Mexico and $30 for international destinations.

Aeromexico Customer Care Service

Aeromexico Airlines has been praised for its professionalism and genuine effort to assist passengers in a friendly manner. Their top-notch customer service enhances the overall travel experience for its passengers You can use different channels to reach their customer care services. Like:

Customer service number: You can call them on their customer service number, +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-237-6639, which is available 24/7 for their faithful passengers who are facing some issues dealing with their travel plans with Aeromexico Airlines. You can:

  • Call +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-237-6639.
  • Follow the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) instructions, and press the number based on your issue.
  • Your command will lead you to a dedicated department, where you have to provide your booking credentials and other information.
  • Tell them your concerns and ask for their assistance.
  • They are professionally trained to deal with customers' problems, so they will give you the best advice that will help you resolve your problem.

Live chat: Many passengers like to chat and get their assistance, there is an option available for them as well. All they have to do is:

  • Check out their official website at
  • Scroll down and look for the 'Contact Us' section.
  • Under you will find three options, ' Help centre' where you can find other options like live chat and others. In 'comment/complaint', you can write your complaints to them.

Email: You can also send them an email regarding your issues related to flight reservations, cancellations, rescheduling and other related matters, along with your booking details and other needed documents on address. Remember, they may respond more to emails.

Social Media: Aeromexico has started to interact with their customers on social media platforms as well, which they use to deal with general queries of the passengers; it is advised not to use this channel in case of urgent matters. You can reach out to their social media account from the link given below:

Mobile App: You can also use Aeromexico Airlines customer care services from their mobile app, which can be installed from any app store.

Airport: You can visit the airport to get any travel-related assistance from the Aeromexico Airline representative in person. Their well-equipped team is available at the airport and can help you with your issues and try to resolve your problems in no time.

You can select any way to reach out to their customer service; every way is effective. You can select it at your convenience. If you want to know about how you can talk to a person at Aeromexico Airline then you can read below.

Terms and Conditions for Seat Assignment on Aeromexico Airlines

Aeromexico Airlines seat assignment policy is designed with a customer-friendly approach, which enables the passengers to select the seat as per their preferences to make flying comfortable and enjoyable for all the passengers. But before reserving your seat with Aeromexico, here are some points you must keep in mind:

  • You can seat whenever up to 2 hours of boarding time. But if you do not make any selection for your seat, then airlines will assign any random seat for you.
  • If you have reserved your flight 7 days prior to the departure, then you can select a seat within 24 hours of booking without fee, but after 24 hours, you must pay a fee for seat selection.
  • If you are booking your flight from the customer service number (+1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-237-6639), the official website ( or the ticket counter. Aeromexico will offer all unreserved seats available for you.
  • Aeromexico can charge $20 to $30 if you are purchasing from outside of Mexico. And from 349 MXN to 599 MXN for flights purchased within Mexico.
  • Passengers who booked their flights from travel agencies can tell their agents about their preferences and ask them to reserve the seats on their behalf.  

In case you are facing any trouble in selecting your seat, then you are always welcome to call +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-237-6639, which is Aeromexico's customer service number and ask them all the details about Aeromexico Airlines seat assignment policy.

How do I talk to someone on Aeromexico Airline?

Aeromexico Airlines is widely praised for its exceptional customer care services, demonstrating a commitment to passenger satisfaction. Their customer service number, +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-237-6639, is always standing in support of their customers, whether you have inquiries, complaints, or suggestions that are related to your travel with Aeromexico; they are always there to entertain your call and give you a suitable answer to resolve your issues. You can just call on the given number and by following the IVR instructions correctly, you will be able to get in touch with the Aeromexico Airlines representative. You can explain your situation and issue to them and ask for their assistance. The airline's customer care team is known for its responsiveness, efficiency, and helpfulness. Its passengers appreciate the timely and effective resolution of issues, reflecting the airline's dedication to ensuring a positive travel experience.


Anyone who has to travel for hours wants to travel comfortably without compromising their convenience, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable journey. Aeromexico Airlines acknowledges this, which is why they gave the power to their customers to choose their seats personally, putting control in their hands for a customized and comfortable experience. If you have any query related to Aeromexico Airlines seat assignment policy, the charges on seat assigned, or the method to assign your seat, you can read the information mentioned above. We tried to answer all your possible questions related to the seat assignment policy of Aeromexico Airlines. If you still have a query, do not hesitate to call +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-237-6639 to get any assistance regarding your travel plans with Aeromexico Airlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I assign seats on Aeromexico Airlines?

Ans. You can assign your seat on Aeromexico Airlines with the help of their customer service number, +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-237-6639, which can help you select the seat as per your preference. You can choose to select your seat online from their official website as well.

Q. What is Aeromexico Airlines' policy for seat assignments?

Ans. Aeromexico Airlines seat assignment policy gives you the freedom to select your seat as per your preference. They give you a window of 24 hours of booking, within which you can select your seat without paying extra charges, but after 24 hours, you have to pay the fees.

Q. Can I choose my seat on Aeromexico Airlines for free?

Ans. Yes, you can choose your seat on Aeromexico Airlines for free as per their seat assignment policy, which enables you to choose your seat within 24 hours of booking free; you can also get it done through the check-in system,

Q. What is the cost of selecting seats on Aeromexico?

Ans. The cost of selecting seats on Aeromexico can vary from customer to customer depending on their destination, and from the place where they are purchasing from. It can be $20 to $30 for purchases outside Mexico. And 349 MXN to 599 MXN for the purchases in Mexico.