United Airlines Flight Change Policy

United Airlines provides many facilities to the passengers, so it is a good airline to get a trip with, and this airline. It operates domestic and international routes both.it is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and was founded on 16 April 1926. When we enjoy our journey, sometimes we face many troubles and look for help, and if we don’t get any help, we feel helpless. So, on United Airlines, you do need to worry because there are many helpline numbers available that can assist you with your queries. Contact this +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-864-8331 number to make any changes to your flights. Let's know the flight change policy, which is given below with proper details:

  1. The airline's policies are already mentioned in the rule book of this airline and available on its official websites as well.\
  2. So there is no charge if you change your flight, but it will apply when the price of the earlier ticket makes any difference with the new one.
  3. Your class timings and destinations can make changes in your fare of tickets.
  4. But if you have mileage plus tickets, it won’t be charged any more, but on economy class, the difference will be made automatically.
  5. So enjoy travelling without any problem and book and make changes in flights according to your choice and experience.   

 United Airlines 24 hour's flight change policy

Changing your flight within 24 hours is not a big deal, but it all depends on your destination and class. It allows travellers to make changes or cancel their reservations and can change in flight within 24 hours of booking without paying any fees. But economy class and business class can be charged, and destinations are also an issue that can be a main factor of your price-increasing policy. There are some types of tickets, such as refundable and non-refundable. The refundable ticket price can be more than your earlier ticket, but on the non-refundable tickets, it can be less in amount. United Airlines policy is only made for emergency cases of anyone, so please make any changes if it is literally necessary, but if it is not, then travel with your earlier one and rest in 24 hours ticket can be easily cancelled by visiting the airport or on the official app of the united airline. If you face any kind of issue, please get in touch with the airline customer support number. You will be assisted best.

United Airlines flight change policy for different fares

These changes with your flight are common, but it is chargeable or free of cost. Your tickets can be changed. It depends on your destination and class of tickets. If you want to make changes to your economy class tickets, maybe USD 99 will be charged, and like this, each class has its price. Basic economy and standard economy can be free of cost. The rest of the details and changes depend on your travel, whether it is domestic flight changes or any international flight changes, so keep travelling. You can easily get assistance and information by calling the customer care number and easily make changes to your flights within 24 hours. For the main cabin, rates can be reduced or can be free of cost for those who have the mileage plus tickets. Some of the facilities can provide you with many benefits. So enjoy the journey with this policy and make changes according to your own choice.

United flight change policy for basic economy tickets

It depends on you. If you have purchased refundable tickets, you can easily get your flight cancelled or make any changes to your flight within 24 hours before check-in or before any moment, and your money will get back to you in time. But if we talk about basic economy tickets, it is usually non-refundable, and we can’t make any changes to them. Not even the 24 hours, so keep changing accordingly. You can make changes when you convert your basic economy ticket into a cabin or premium class. If your tickets are related to premium class and cabin class, book your flight by carefully thinking. Because basic economy class fares cannot be changed, book this ticket when you stick to your fixed date and schedule. If you are in any doubt, please do not make any changes to such type of ticket and don’t expect any changes as well with this ticket.

United Airlines changed flights for non-refundable tickets.

The travellers book non-refundable tickets, but it does not return your funds if you make any changes to it. But your fund will be added to your next journey if you continue your trip with United Airlines. If you need to cancel a non-refundable ticket after the 24-hour grace period, you won't receive a refund. Keep in mind that this credit is typically valid for one year from the original booking date. So make any changes to your flight by keeping some important points in mind. And if you face any more doubts, please visit the website or call the customer care line so it’s better to think about it and book your flights according to your fixed schedule and timings so you don’t need to face any kind of issue with your travel. United Airlines has already made this type of policy and rules, so go through all of the details so you don’t need to face any kind of issue.

United Airlines changed its policy for refundable tickets.

If you have booked a refundable ticket, you can easily cancel or make any changes to it, so there is not any issue with this ticket. Enjoy the flight without any problem. And you will get your payment instantly, so make your trip with this airline without any problem and enjoy the trip with your loved ones. In this airline, only fixed changes can be done, not everything. Making any changes to your flights is only up to your class and different fares of your destinations, so please mind all the problems and issues in your mind and get clear with the representatives so you won’t feel bad related to this airline. United Airlines has many facilities and one of the best deluxe facilities it provides to the customers, so avail all the offers and discounts as well without feeling bad.

United Airlines changes flights via its website.

 You have to follow these rules for changing flights via the website:

  • Go to the official website of United Airlines, then click on the My Trip option.
  • Then select flight changes. After that, you will see there is an option to edit or change flights.
  • Just click on the edit button and select another flight for you for the same or different destination.
  • You can easily get assistance by visiting the website and can make any changes to it, so just relax and enjoy the flight services.
  • Airlines websites can help you even more and then enjoy travelling by having zero worries with you.

United airline flight change via the contact number 

  • You can easily change your flight by connecting them on the contact number, so contact the airline's given number.
  • Here is the number: +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-864-8331. Dial this number without any hold calls you will connect with the agent.
  • When you connect, the representative asks them to make changes to your earlier flight, but before that, make sure you provide him with all the necessary details, confirmation number and proper ID as well.
  • Ask him to confirm your tickets for new schedules or new destinations as well, so just keep trying on the number if you have not connected earlier.
  • You have already given the number, so please get assistance from the agent.

United airline flight change at the airport

  • You have to visit the airport at least 4 to 5 hours before your flight takes off.
  • As you reach the airport, look for a desk that can provide you with any assistance.
  • There are many faculties available who can help you to reach the airport’s help desk, so just get them help.
  • Then, after reaching the desk, they will assist you by providing support and now ask them every doubt.
  • Ask him to make the changes to your flight tickets as soon as possible so you can get assistance easily and have a flight according to your changes.

United same-day flight change policy 

It’s possible to get your flight change on the same as your earlier flight ticket, so just feel free to make any changes to your ticket. Now, you have to change your schedule according to your choice. But you may have to pay $100 to make any changes to your flight, so be careful making any changes in your flights. It is a wonderful time to avail all of the services related to your trip, and tickets offer information. United Airlines is one of the important American airlines. So make your trip and enjoy the different classes and services. You only need to know about this airline. Every support and help is available for you, so just enjoy the trips and flight services again and again.

United Airlines flight change fees

It is totally upon you what the fare and charges it is on you that what kind of class and day and destinations you have to choose. It can be an economy class flight, it can even be a business or cabin class ticket, so it is not fixed what the fare is. Various prices are applied to different kinds of fares. If a mileage plus premier class person makes any changes to their flight, there will be $0 charges applied to that because that is a unique class. But if a basic class economy class makes any changes, that would be charged at least $200.so make changes at your affordability and try to fix and schedule your tickets so there is no need for any changes.in case of any typical situation, please connect with the airline's agents so they can assist you properly.

How to talk to United Airlines customer service

You have to follow a few different steps to talk to United Airlines customer service so just follow these steps:

By phone call

  1. Just connect by the contact number so you can get direct assistance, so go with this and enjoy the services.
  2. Please select your language or ask him to speak in your accent so you both feel comfortable talking.
  3. Dial this number +1 (888) 341-5975 or 1-800-864-8331 and ask them to assist you properly by providing you best and full details.
  4. If one representative is unable to attend your call, he will transfer the call to another agent for your help and support.
  5. So ask them your queries and questions without any problems and issues, and never hesitate to contact United Airlines easily. 

Via email support 

  • You can easily contact the airline's customer support line at this email id of united airlines customercare@united.com.
  • After drafting your message, please write down all issues so you can get better help.
  • Send your concerns and questions by email, along with a working email address. Wait patiently; it may take some time to reply.
  •  They'll do their best to help you. So enjoy your trip without any restrictions, and the airline will always support you.
  • So, mailing your message is the best way to connect with the airline's help as they go through your mail, and they will reply to you soon. 

Via website help

  • Please visit Google and search for United Airlines so you can get the better option to go with.
  • If you find the website, please get in touch with all of the options and get assisted by the options. There will be every option who can help you.
  • Related to bookings, cancellation of tickets, any offers, etc, every menu is available there. Just go and avail all the services.
  • When you get the website, you will definitely assist on your own, so please relax and enjoy the flights and its services.
  • You will even find a Contact Us and Help Us option, which may take you to direct help, so just avail all the facilities.


You can easily get the tickets from this airline and allow the airline to make changes according to your choice. So please go through the content and details which are mentioned above, and if you face any kind of problems, don't hesitate to get in touch with United Airlines customer service anytime. They are always available for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I change my United Airlines flight online?

Ans. Just go to the United Airlines official site and search for my trip option. When you click on that option, you will find a form just filling in your name and surname. After that, you will find an option to edit a new flight. Just click on that and change your flight by choosing another flight for you. That’s how you can easily change your flight.

Q. What is the fee for changing a United Airlines flight?

Ans. You can make changes to your flights without any problem, but if you want to get business class or cabin class tickets, you only have to pay the amount of these tickets you have to pay a little more than your earlier one. There is not that much difference. You have to give only the fare difference of $400. It depends on your class.

Q. Can I change my travel time with United Airlines?

Ans. Yes, there is no issue with the change in your timings, but the only thing on your mind is that you have to make changes within 24 hours of your reservation timings. And rest, you can do anything with your flight tickets, so go ahead and enjoy your journey.

Q. What type of modifications can I make to my United Airlines ticket?

Ans. You can upgrade your class and timings as well, so just enjoy the flight without any problem. You can change your flight’s ticket and destinations as well. You can choose business cabin class facilities within a few minutes of your ticket timings. So make changes according to your choice.